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Residential Refurbishment

Originally Solicitor’s Offices, the grade 1 listed building underwent a residential refurbishment process, to convert the building into 10 new apartments. The listed status of the building added a layer of complexity to the conversion project. Thomas, supported by a capable team, effectively managed the project and ensured its successful completion.

The exit was via the property sale. The property was sold to a real estate investment company, known to Thomas Muir, who bought the whole development for a sum in excess of the original valuation. As a result, the developer earned a substantial profit from the transaction, highlighting the project’s success.


Amount lent

12 month

Loan term



Accelerate Property Group
Accelerate Property Group

We’re proud to achieve this development, with the help of Assetz Capital. The drawdown process of construction funding has been very swift and Jake (Hiskett) has been a huge help to us, a very positive experience. Birkenhead is calling out for housing and we’re happy to help with that.

Accelerate Property Group
Borrower, Thomas Muir