Our values

Our values are the core of our business. We wanted to bring out the underlying behaviours that underpin the values we uphold as a business.

Our colleagues choose both our core competencies and leadership competencies. Scroll down to find out what they are.

  • We’re agile

We’re forward-thinking, innovative entrepreneurs.

  • We’re customer focused 

We’re friendly, approachable and go the extra mile.

  • We work with passion

We’re reliable, have integrity and work at pace.

  • We give back

We support solving challenges in society and develop our colleagues.

Our Core Competencies

Our core competencies underpin everything that we do and are the behaviours we expect from all our team members. This means not only do they underpin our processes internally such as 1-1s and training but it also forms part of our hiring process. If you come to an interview here expect to be asked questions about how you have and could demonstrate our core behaviours.

Have a think about these:

We give back to our colleagues by investing in there self-development with tools such as our Assetz Academy. In the last 12 months, how have you invested in your self-development?

In order to meet our customers’ expectations, we must hold ourselves and others accountable. We take pride in  our work and want to do this. How do you hold yourself and others accountable?


Our Leadership Competencies

Our leadership competencies identify behaviours our leaders exhibit and our colleagues can expect. We provide additional training to our leaders to support them in developing these behaviours to manage engaged and successful teams. We want prospective leaders to have the right behaviours so we’ll ask questions related to these for example:

We support each other to remain resilient in challenging circumstances. How can we support you to be resilient?

We want our managers to motivate our teams but we understand that many different factors can influence this. How would you generate motivation within your team?


Organisational goals

  • Purpose

We will have a substantial impact

  • Origination

We will lend at volume

  • Productivity

We will deliver huge improvements in our processes

  • Funding

 We will diversify our funding

  • Risk

We will ensure we maintain a minimum viable Risk Management Framework

  • Colleague

We will ensure we have a new high score in the Best Companies survey

Our Strategy

Having a strategy helps us to easily visualise what it is we are trying to achieve by breaking down our vision into more and more manageable chunks – until every colleague in our company can see the part that they play to help to move us forwards.