A fairer return on your investments with Assetz Capital peer-to-peer lending

Earn from 9% pa gross interest…

…with loan investments available today on the Assetz Capital platform. By cutting out the banks, Assetz Capital aims to provide a fairer deal for investors and borrowers alike. Investing through Assetz Capital allows you to share in the funding of a portfolio of loans to credit-worthy businesses - professional lending but without the banks. Welcome to the world of peer-to-peer (P2P) lending!

Our lower running costs allow us to offer the potential for higher interest rates than you may be currently enjoying, whilst allowing borrowers to access affordable finance for their business.

As with most forms of investment, peer-to-peer lending does carry a degree of risk to your capital, for example if the borrower is unable to repay their loan. At Assetz Capital we seek to minimise this risk to our lenders by ensuring that our loans have realisable asset security in place.

Why invest with Assetz Capital…

  • Regulated:

    Assetz Capital is authorised & regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

  • Established:

    With over 8,100 investors registered and in excess of £64M lent to date, Assetz Capital is one of the world's leading P2P lenders.

  • Experienced:

    The Assetz Capital team has close to 100 years of professional lending and credit experience that it applies to finding and managing credit-worthy loans for investors.

  • Free:

    We don’t charge any fees to lenders.

  • Quick:

    Register online and start to earn as soon as you invest

  • Secure:

    Assetz Capital takes asset security to protect all investments. We don't just rely on personal guarantees but instead we take charges over property, equipment and other assets worth more than the loan.

  • Flexible:

    You can cash in your investments at any time (subject to demand on our Aftermarket) and you are not tied in for fixed terms.

  • Controlled:

    Our customisable online platform gives you total control and transparency over your investments and returns.

It's easy to invest…

…and we are here to help you to start earning a return quickly.

Register online and deposit your funds into your account.

Choose the investments that suit you and that give you the return you are looking for, at a risk level that you choose, and start to receive a return on your money as soon as your funds are invested.

Earn from 9% pa gross interest with loan investments available today on the Assetz Capital platform.*

Download the Assetz Capital Lending Guide below to learn more about this type of investing or call us now on 0207 870 1023 to chat through how we work.

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