Six Degrees Student Accommodation

Development Finance

Taj Ubhi has previous experience managing 60 buy-to-let properties around Nottinghamshire and Derby.

With planning permission already in place, the loan Taj received from our investors was used to build the four-storey, 46-bed student accommodation development called Six Degrees on time. He worked with the best contractors and advisors to complete this successful build.

The loan was paid back in full, with the appropriate interest. Taj is now managing the student accommodation, and has subsequently also applied for a further loan with Assetz Capital through his other company to purchase street properties in Nottingham and the East Midlands area.


Amount lent

24 months

Loan term



Six Degrees Student Accommodation
Six Degrees Student Accommodation

The banks weren’t helpful so I was forced to look for another way to finance the deal. The Assetz Capital team were fantastic and I have absolute belief in what they are developing. I will definitely seek their funding for future developments.

Taj Ubhi
Six Degrees Student Accommodation