Website Conditions

  1. In these Website Conditions:

“Lending Member” means a person who is registered and recognised by Us as a Lending Member of the Network;

“Network” means the peer-to-peer lending network established by the Website;

“We” and “Us” refers to Assetz Capital;

“Website” shall mean; and

“You” and “Your” refers to any person accessing the Website.

  1. Subject to these Website Conditions, We agree that You may access the Website to view certain information and data on the Website and to carry out transactions via the Website in connection with the Network.
  2. We may vary the content of the Website from time to time and You shall be deemed to have accepted such variations upon the completion of any transactions on the Website (“Website Transactions”) after the date that the relevant variation is made by Us. If You do not agree to such variations Your right to access the Website shall be terminated with immediate effect and without further notice.
  3. These Website Conditions and any other terms and conditions appearing on the Website shall be deemed to have been read and accepted by You upon the carrying out of any Website Transactions.
  4. 5. We shall assign to each Lending Member any necessary username, passwords and/or any tokens or other physical devices (“Security Devices”) required to access the Website. Any Security Devices shall remain our absolute property at all times and You agree to return any such Security Devices to Us upon request.
  5. 6. You agree that We may at our discretion require written confirmation from You, in respect of any Website Transactions which are attempted by You, before We are obliged to process such Website Transactions, either for security reasons or to ensure compliance with any applicable law.
  6. 7. You shall be liable and responsible for the actions of any person using your username and password in respect of the Website as if they were Your own actions.
  7. 8. You shall ensure that You have in place adequate security measures to maintain the confidentiality of all Security Devices and agree to indemnify Us and hold Us harmless for any losses, claims or damages whatsoever incurred by Us as a consequence of any disclosure of any Security Devices to any other persons or of the improper use thereof by any other persons. You agree to notify Us immediately if any Security Device becomes lost or stolen or is disclosed to any other person or if the security of the Website becomes compromised in any other way.
  8. 9. We shall not be liable to You for any loss incurred by You as a consequence of the improper use of the Website or Security Devices by any person.
  9. 10. Any Website Transactions shall be deemed to be valid provided that such Website Transactions are carried out through the use of a valid Security Device and You shall be bound by such Website Transactions and be obliged to perform any obligations arising therefrom.
  10. 11. We shall keep a record of all Website Transactions and each of us shall accept such records as being conclusive evidence of such Website Transactions.
  11. 12. We may from time to time at our discretion fully or partially suspend or restrict access to the Website.
  12. 13. We shall not be liable for any technical failure, accident, breakdown, manipulation or interruption in respect of the Website or in respect of any incident resulting from the actions of any third party providing services to Us from time to time in respect of the Website or the hardware or software upon which it operates. We shall not be liable in the event of the Website being unavailable due to force majeure or temporary suspension for technical reasons.
  13. 14. These Website Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law.