Learning and Development

Mastering your current role or wanting to progress into a new one? Learning should be fast, fun and fresh. Gone are the days of all day training sessions with someone droning on to you at the front of the room.

All our learning at Assetz Capital is provided on your terms, either through our learning portal, from your manager or through a workshop.

We separate the theory and the application, letting you learn the theory on your own terms and working on the application together in a supportive environment.

The Assetz Academy

Our one stop shop for all learning. Here we’ve got a library of over 300 courses (and growing) covering a range of different personal development topics from how our business works, to wellbeing, project management and leadership development.

All our colleagues get access to our Academy from the minute they join our business!

Here you earn points, move up the leaderboard, collect badges and build up your own learning portal by pick and mixing to select the content that’s most relevant for you, when you need it

Better still – our library is growing each and everyday based on the demands of our colleagues. Everything is interactive, exciting and engaging.




We understand that we’re not always the subject matter experts in certain areas of training and know how important gaining external qualifications is to our colleagues’ careers.

We have a dedicated pot of money to support our colleagues to gain professional qualifications through apprenticeships. We currently have colleagues completing qualifications in HR, Digital Marketing, GDPR and Quality Assurance.

“For me an apprenticeship was a no brainer, being able to learn and work at the same time is exactly what i needed. So far I’ve learnt so much which I’ve started to put into practice in my work.” – Olivia


As a growing business we appreciate the sheer amount of knowledge we carry with many colleague’s experts in their field for several decades. We regularly match up our colleagues with mentors across our business to support them to develop and gain new knowledge within their roles.

“I enjoy helping in any way that I can and get great satisfaction from seeing those I have helped in some small way achieve things, be that development, career aspirations or performance results, as much as I do achieving myself. What’s really good is to keep an eye out long after you helped and watch how people get on – it’s great when they really flourish and achieve exceptional things” – Chris Macklin, a mentor here

From mentee Lloyd Whiting – “Me and Harry have met twice now and meet monthly, I also speak to him as and when I need to when I have a question about writing a credit report etc. As Credit sign off the credit reports we write (big part of my job) it has been really useful learning their prospective and what they look out for.”






Developing our leaders is crucial to empower and coach our colleagues to succeed in their roles. We are excited to be running our new leadership development programme in 2023 supporting current and future leaders in our business where leaders can explore and develop to demonstrate all our leadership competencies.

We’re very excited to be running LEAD, a first for our business through a series of workshops and blended learning materials to support managers to become leaders and develop more talent within our business. Interactive sessions with lego, discussions and role plays will allow learners to upskill, which our registered attendees are excited to take part in.


We understand our tech team have a specific set of skills and need tailored training to help them keep at the top of their game. We give them access to Udemy, home for a range of content that allows our tech team to stay up to date with the latest engineering techniques, tricks and development.

“Udemy is an online educational video repository with thousands of courses on all kinds of topics ranging from data science to yoga. I’ve been using it for many years now to keep my skill set up to date and to learn new topics for personal or professional reasons.
I’ve recently been using the platform to transition between a pure technology development role to more data analysis and visualisation based work.
Everyone should check it out, especially as assetz provides free access, there is bound to be a course to broaden your mind.” -Dion Jones – Senior Software Engineer