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Investors feeling economic stagnation

Against a backdrop of beleaguered Brexit negotiations, investors in the Assetz Capital platform are not hopeful of a national economic boost in the coming quarter, according to the Q2 Investor Barometer.

- June 29, 2018

Investors abandon cash ISAs?

INVESTORS are ditching their cash ISAs in favour of other forms of ISA accounts, according to new research from peer-to-peer platform Assetz Capital.

Peer2Peer Finance News - June 25, 2018

Investors ditch Cash ISAs?

Investors are voting with their feet and abandoning Cash ISAs, according to our Q2 Investor Barometer survey.

- June 25, 2018

Investors not holding their breath for a Bank of England rate rise

The majority of investors aren’t expecting the Bank of England to raise the base rate in the next three months, according the Q2 Investor Barometer from Assetz Capital.

- June 21, 2018

Assetz Capital boosts returns across Access Accounts

Peer-to-peer business lender Assetz Capital has announced its first ever rate rise across its access accounts.

- May 16, 2018

Defaults & Losses Update

Credit is at the very heart of our business and rightly so as it creates your net investment returns. 

- May 14, 2018

Bank of England keeps interest rate low

The industry has matured to withstand the end of historically lax monetary policy, P2P lenders say. Other players in alternative finance are also following what the central bank will do.

AltFi - May 10, 2018

CEO Stuart Law comments on James Brokenshire's return to the cabinet...

“This is a gain for the Home Office but a real loss in terms of the government’s housing ambitions.

- April 30, 2018

Transfer your ISA

Did you know that if you have invested in Individual Savings Account (ISA) in a previous year you have the flexibility of transferring those savings from the other provider to your Assetz Capital Innovative ISA at any time.

- April 20, 2018

What is an Innovative Finance ISA?

Assetz Capital is a leader in the provision of the Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA). We explain what it is, how it compares to traditional ISAs and how you can get started.

- April 17, 2018

We are boosting target returns across ISA Access Accounts

Spring is in the air and with the new tax year underway we are very pleased to announce that we have applied a 0.75% rate rise across our ISA Access Accounts, enabling our investors to make the most of their current ISA allowances as the new tax year gets underway.

- April 17, 2018

Assetz Capital extends the 1% Spring bonus

Peer-to-peer business lender Assetz Capital is extending its 1% Spring bonus offer, enabling investors to earn an additional 1% gross target interest on all new funds lent before Sunday 15th April. 

- April 9, 2018

Assetz Capital hits manual lending milestone

We can now announce that we have now reached a record number of loans available to investors using our Manual Lending Account (MLA), with well over 200 live loans with loan parts available for immediate investment on the secondary market*.

- April 6, 2018

Cryptocurrencies yet to convince the savvy investor

Investors in the Assetz Capital platform are yet to be convinced by cryptocurrencies, with just 16% seeing them as worthwhile investments.

- March 27, 2018

Assetz Capital launches the 1% Spring Bonus

Assetz Capital has launched the 1% Spring bonus, giving investors an additional 1% gross target interest until June 30th 2018.

Financial IT - March 13, 2018