April 10th, 2015

Sowing the seeds of success


2015 is set to be a key year for the industry, so this fund raise will help us cement our market position and accelerate our development.

But, we know how this all started and we wouldn’t be here today without the individual lenders who supported us in our first £70m of lending over the two years we have been in operation. We’re therefore very pleased to recognise this by giving all of those involved with Assetz Capital the opportunity to invest in the business itself and therefore benefit from future growth.

As of April the 10th we’ve hit our £3m goal for private investors taking a stake, and are now closing the campaign ready to get busy with the balance of another £3m from institutional investors.

How will we use the money?

We plan to invest the money raised in three different ways:

  1. Double the numbers in our team, in particular in loan origination and credit; following industry expectations of peer-to-peer inclusion in ISAs and SIPPs later this year.
  2. Channel investment into retail marketing.
  3. Establish selected international joint ventures.