Key Investor Information

Investing is a balance of risk versus reward. In the case of our accounts, you lend your money to businesses and your reward is the interest they pay you. It's a fair deal. But there's always a risk that they might not be able to pay back the money they borrow, leading to a reliance on the security backing the loan. This means it's important that you're clear what 'risk' means and how much you're prepared to take.

Read our Key Investor Information below to understand more about the main risks and how we help you minimise them.

Defaults & Losses Terms & Conditions

What you need to know

We want you to invest with your eyes open. So before you do anything, there are some things we want to make you aware of.

For more information about how peer-to-peer lending works and the role Assetz Capital plays in it, please click below.

How it works

How we assess our borrowers

Assetz Capital has a team of pro-active Relationship Directors who are happy to meet potential businesses that require funding. They are supported by a highly experienced, time served, Credit team, and between them they look to apply real world, common sense principles alongside financial metrics.

There are some key questions that we look to ask when lending:

  1. Do we understand the entity to whom we are asked to lend and do they have relevant experience?
  2. Are we secured at an appropriate level for the deal proposed?
  3. Can we follow the monies advanced to its intended purpose? Is the amount sufficient? And the purpose acceptable?
  4. Can the borrower service the repayments with sufficient headroom?
  5. Is the proposed exit deemed realistic and achievable?

Once in possession of this information we will decide if this is an appropriate risk to place to lenders. In the vast majority of cases we will have met the potential borrower and viewed the asset offered as security.

When considering development funding we prefer to fully fund from the outset including interest costs. The questions above will apply although equally important is whether we are building the right property for the location, and how long it will take the properties to be absorbed into the market place through sales.

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