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Residential Refurbishment

A single property solution, tailored to your individual needs.

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Why Assetz Capital?

We understand that project-specific facilities are often what small developers need. Our residential refurbishment loans deliver just that, and are aimed at those looking for a business loan to buy, refurbish and then sell or invest in single properties.


Number of businesses we’ve helped


Total retail and institutional funds lent to UK businesses to date (including CBILS loans arranged through Assetz Capital Lending Limited)


Residential Refurbishment loans up to £1.5m

Indicative terms sheet

We take pride in being flexible. Each loan is structured and priced on its own merits and we will consider terms outside the below LTV and maximum loan guidelines where the circumstances warrant it.

Residential Refurbishment
Commitment term Up to 2 years
Maximum LTV 70%
Maximum LTGDV 70% (including interest)
Preferred debt £250k - £5m
Borrower rate per annum
(rate dependent on risk and loan size)
From 7.8%
Minimum refurbishment cost 15% Day 1 market value/£50K
Maximum refurbishment cost 50% Day 1 market value/£500K

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