June 17th, 2016

Assetz Capital launches five new property investment accounts


Today, Assetz Capital announced a working relationship with new broker platform, FundBay.co.uk, and has launched several new specialist commercial loan products through it.

Stuart Law, CEO of Assetz Capital, said: “Whether you are a borrower or a lender, the property market has numerous opportunities which have traditionally only been an option for a privileged proportion of the UK population. As an agile and flexible alternative lending provider, we are able to see gaps and act upon them rapidly.

“Our widened range of commercial mortgage products are a result of identifying a need, and plugging those gaps which will inevitably lead to more businesses benefiting from available finance.”

Assetz Capital has been collaborating with the Fundbay team in the development of a new proposition for commercial mortgage brokers for a number of months.  The new marketplace created for the broker industry by the Fundbay platform will be more efficient for clients and brokers who are unable to place loan enquiries through their normal channels.

The five new commercial mortgage products will aim to help the following:

  • The first time commercial property investor who has BTL experience or other mitigants
  • Older borrowers (80+) who borrow through corporate vehicles
  • Pension scheme (SIPP and SSAS) borrowers
  • Public house private operators
  • Investors buying vacant or low yielding commercial property but supported by additional borrower income

Since launching in 2013, around £120 million has been lent through Assetz Capital to more than 380 credit-worthy UK SMEs, earning investors a total gross interest of more than £11 million. Currently, £500+ million is available and ready to lend through the platform.

Assetz Capital is run by credit and lending professionals with huge experience, alongside a nationwide network of relationship managers who visit potential borrowers. Assetz Capital takes a flexible approach to lending and whilst it always takes realisable security it uses its team’s deep credit experience to create solutions where others may not. It is currently funding loans from £100k to £8m and provides commercial mortgages, bridging, BTL, property development, SME term loans and renewable energy project funding and refinance.

Unusually for peer-to-peer lenders, tangible security is taken to both reduce the risk of capital losses for investors and lower the cost of borrowing for businesses. Traditional credit assessment techniques are employed rather than solely computer based borrower assessments but high-tech in-house software is used to manage investor’s capital.