Spring into the new ISA season and earn up to 2% cashback

Spring is in the air at Assetz Capital and to celebrate the start of the new 19/20 ISA season, we're offering up to 2% cashback on all new investments. So, whether you're new to our platform or an existing investor, you can boost your returns with our cashback offer. Terms and conditions apply.

Get 1% cashback when you lend new funds before 31st May 2019 via any of our standard or IFISA-wrapped investment accounts. You'll receive your 1% cashback in October, as long as your funds remain invested until then.

If you're investing through our tax-free Innovative Finance ISA, you'll get an extra 1% cashback on your newly lent funds. We'll pay this to you in April 2020, if you keep those funds invested until the end of the tax year.

Investment in peer-to-peer loans is not protected by Financial Services Compensation Scheme and your capital is at risk

Earn 1% Cashback

Lend new funds through any of our investment accounts before 31st May 2019 to qualify for up to 1% cashback

Earn 2% Cashback

Lend new funds through an IFISA wrapped account and qualify for up to 2% cashback on those funds

How do I qualify?

To keep it simple, we've made a note of your lent funds balance at midnight on 5th April 2019. Any new lent funds over this figure, invested via any of our investment accounts are eligible for cashback. The offer ends at 11:59:59pm on 31st May 2019, so make sure your funds are invested before then to qualify.

If you keep your funds invested until 6th October 2019, you'll receive your 1% cashback payment on your eligible funds. We'll pay this straight into your cash account on 10th October 2019.

Get more cashback with our Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA)

Invest through an IFISA-Wrapped account to receive an extra 1% cashback on all eligible funds. You can transfer in previous years ISAs or use your 19/20 tax year allowance to qualify. Just make sure those funds are invested through an IFISA-wrapped account before 31st May 2019 to qualify.

Simply leave those funds invested until 6th April 2020 to get your extra 1% cashback payment on 9th April 2020.

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