Refer a friend

Refer a friend to invest with Assetz Capital and earn £75.

Refer a friend is exclusively available to our investors - so if you're investing with us you can start referring straight away. Simply head to the refer a friend section on your dashboard to find everything you need to get going.

In this section you will find your unique referral code that your friend will need at the start of their registration to qualify for the scheme.

How you make the referral is up to you. Pass on your code directly or use our automated email service with the option to personalise your message.

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How our Referral Scheme works


Refer your friends using
your unique code


Your friends complete their registration


Your friends invest a minimum of £1,000 (within 60 days of starting registration)


You qualify for your £75 bonus

Track your referral

If your referral gives consent, their name will appear in the refer a friend section of your dashboard as soon as the code is activated at the start of their registration.

You'll then be able to see how your referral is progressing, helping you on your way to receiving your £75 bonus. If your referral hasn't consented for you to see their progress, don't worry, you will still receive your bonus when they meet the criteria – however, you will only be notified when your bonus has been paid.

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The reward

Once your referral has met the criteria of the scheme you will receive your £75 bonus straight into your cash account on the 14th day of the following month - it's that simple.

Even better if your referral continues to invest £1,000 or more for a minimum of 12 months, they'll get £50 too.

Subject to Terms and Conditions.

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