£350 Cashback
Terms & Conditions

Earn £100 cashback when you invest between £5,000- £9,999.99
Earn £150 cashback when you invest between £10,000 - £19,999.99
Earn £250 cashback when you invest £20,000 or more
Plus earn an extra £100 on your cashback when you set up your 19/20 Innovative Finance ISA and invest £1000 or more in any of our investment accounts.

  1. This cashback promotion is only offered exclusively to new investors, who haven’t started their registration on the Assetz Capital platform before 1st January 2019.
  2. To qualify for the cashback promotion, you must ensure the following conditions are met:
    1. You must start and complete your registration and have been verified by the ID Check System used by Assetz Capital before 11:59:59pm on 31st January 2019.
    2. You must deposit and invest a minimum of £5,000 via any of our investment accounts, which includes IFISA wrapped versions of these accounts. Funds in the Cash Account or awaiting investment that don’t have ‘invest idle funds’ activated do not qualify for this promotion (see section 6). For the avoidance of doubt, all funds in the Access Accounts qualify, whether directly invested or ‘swept’ using the ‘invest idle funds’ feature.
    3. The minimum investment must be made before the promotion closes to new investment at 11.59:59pm on 7th February 2019.
    4. You must keep a minimum of £5,000 invested through the eligible accounts for a minimum of 12 months from the date of meeting the criteria of this cashback promotion.
    5. To receive the £100 IFISA boost on your cashback, you must have met all of the above conditions and open and invest an additional minimum of £1000 of new money into your 2019/20 Innovative Finance ISA with Assetz Capital, between 6th April and 31st May 2019.
    6. All IFISA wrapped investment accounts qualify for the £100 ISA boost. Funds in the Cash Account or awaiting investment that don’t have ‘invest idle funds’ activated do not qualify for this promotion (see section 6).
    7. You must keep at least the minimum of £1000 invested in your 2019/20 Assetz Capital IFISA for the remainder of the initial minimum investment period of 12 months to receive the £100 ISA boost on your cashback.
    8. The minimum investment must be new funds onto the Assetz Capital platform in addition to your original investment. A snapshot of your investment balance will be taken at 11:59:59pm on 5th April 2019, and your total investment balance must remain at least £1000 higher than the snapshot figure throughout the minimum investment period to receive the £100 cashback boost.
  3. Information regarding the cashback payment:
    1. The maximum amount of cashback received will be based on the total amount invested when the promotion closes to new investment on 11.59:59pm on 7th February 2019. Should your investment balance fall during the minimum investment period, the lowest amount will become your new eligible balance for the cashback offer and you will be paid the respective cash back amount or you will no longer be eligible for a cashback payment.
    2. All cashback payments including the £100 IFISA boost will be credited directly into your cash account on or before the 14th day of the month following the initial 12 month anniversary of the minimum investment.
    3. This cashback offer is not available in conjunction with any other new customer offer.
  4. No alternative or substituted payment will be given in conjunction with this promotion.
  5. Whilst Assetz Capital makes every effort to ensure funds are invested as quickly as possible we cannot guarantee that funds will be invested within the qualification period.
  6. Remember that you can invest your idle funds and benefit from this promotion: If investors activate the 'invest idle funds' feature on the dashboard in the Quick Access Account section, all swept funds are classified as lent funds and are eligible for the cashback promotion.
  7. Investors must be aged 18 or over.
  8. Assetz Capital reserves the right to withdraw this promotion at any moment and without prior notice.
  9. By participating in this promotion, investors agree to be bound by these promotion-specific Terms and Conditions, which are in conjunction with Assetz Capital's full Terms and Conditions.
  10. Participants, whether individually or in a group, will be found to be in breach of these promotion-specific terms and conditions if Assetz Capital, at its sole discretion, has a reason to believe that the promotion has been abused or manipulated, or that irregular, fraudulent, collusive or illegal activity has occurred.