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As with most forms of investment, peer-to-peer lending carries a degree of risk to your capital; in this case, if borrowers were unable to repay their loans. At Assetz Capital, we seek to reduce this risk to our investors by taking asset security on every loan, with the added benefit of a discretionary Provision Fund for some of our investment accounts. Investment Account target interest rates should be considered along with the relevant Investment Account expected defaults & losses information. Past performance does not guarantee future performance. We recommend that prospective lenders read the Key Investor Information pages before investing.

The 30-Day Access Account

4.25% 4.75% p.a. target gross return*

Credit Awards Best Peer-to-Peer Lender 2016 defaqto 5 star - peer to peer lending 2016

*Interest is quoted gross and is capped at the quoted rate although actual returns could be lower. Annualised projected return after expected losses for the 30DAA account is currently 4.25% 4.75% gross (based on stress testing of the 30DAA's Provision Fund - see here for further information). Past performance does not guarantee future performance. Access time related to withdrawal in normal market conditions. This is an investment in peer-to-peer loans – it is not a bank account. Capital is at risk. Terms & Conditions apply.

What is the 30-Day Access Account?

The 30-Day Access Account (30DAA) allows investors to automatically invest in secured business loans that have passed Assetz Capital's strict credit checks. It offers a target, capped interest rate for investors of 4.25% 4.75% gross per annum. This rate varies, so the current rate will be announced at the start of each month however it will not drop below 4.00%.

This account also benefits from strong asset security on each loan and automatic diversification across multiple loans, plus the added protection of a discretionary Provision Fund.


30-Day Access
Target interest rate <strike class="strike"><span>4.25%</span></strike> <strong>4.75%</strong> p.a. gross* and capped
Who do you lend to? British businesses with realisable security
Investment of funds Automatic as new loans are released
Provision fund Yes
Diversification Automatic
Access to your money No fees for withdrawals and access to funds after 30 days' notice, in normal market conditions
Notice period 30 days
Invest from £1
Get started
interest rate
Who do you
lend to?
of funds
Access to
your money

Quick Access
3.75% p.a. gross* and capped
British businesses with realisable security Automatic as new loans are released Yes Automatic No fees for withdrawals and with very fast access to funds under normal market conditions. None £1 Get started

Great British Business Account
7% p.a. gross* and capped
British businesses with property security available Automatic as new loans are released Yes Automatic No fee for early withdrawal – exit possible subject to demand from other investors. Otherwise you will receive your cash back over the term of the loans held within the account which could be over a period of up to five years. None £1 Get started

Green Energy Income Account
7% p.a. gross* and capped
British business with property security available Automatic as new loans are released Yes Automatic No fee for early withdrawal – exit possible subject to demand from other investors. Otherwise you will receive your cash back over the term of the loans held within the account which could be over a period of up to five years. None £1 Get started

Manual Loan Investment Account
5.5-15.15% p.a. gross*†
Any of our secured loans with available units – your choice Manual but with ability to target specific loans automatically No Manual Partial or full redemption possible via the Aftermarket, subject to demand from other lenders – no fee. None £1 Get started

Why invest in the 30-Day Access Account?

We have designed the 30-Day Access Account to provide you a fair return on your investment, while providing you with easy access to your money. You only need to provide 30 days' notice in normal market conditions to withdraw your cash, or to transfer funds to other Assetz Capital Investment Accounts. If you would like quicker access to your cash than that, or would like to temporarily invest any spare cash on our platform before investing it in other Investment Accounts then please consider the Quick Access Account (QAA).

How it works: 30-Day Access Account details

  • We have designed the 30DAA to provide the simple access to your cash with just 30 days' notice (in normal market conditions). We do not impose any minimum term on your investment and make no charge if you request withdrawal of your cash. Following the 30 day period, transferring funds between Assetz Capital Investment Accounts should be possible within seconds, while complete withdrawal of funds from our platform should happen within two days. Unlike some of our other Investment Accounts we maintain a high level of cash within the account to satisfy withdrawal demand. We will publish the recent 30DAA access speed regularly.

  • Series 1 of the 30DAA has a capped, target lender return which is currently 4.25% 4.75% P.A. gross (before tax and any losses and protected by a discretionary Provision Fund). This cap may vary from time to time, but we will never reduce the target interest rate below 4.00% a year (before tax and any losses) in this account Series.

    Please note that you could receive less than this rate of return if the 30DAA's Provision Fund were exhausted and then loans were to default or borrowers were no longer able to repay their loans.

  • The minimum investment in the 30DAA is £1 and there is no maximum, subject to account availability.

  • Typically, the 30DAA may contain short-term secured business loans of less than one month through to five-year loans. Hence, loans included within this account should typically repay between one month and five years.

    All secured business loans that pass Assetz Capital's strict credit policy may be held within the 30DAA. Should you choose to invest in this account, your investment will be used only to fund loans that have passed our stringent credit checks, will be diversified across a range of business loans and will also be protected by a separate, discretionary Provision Fund.

  • The 30DAA automatically diversifies the funds you allocate to it across many matching loans at any given time, subject to availability. This spreads your risk across the widest possible range of loans, subject to normal market conditions.

  • Interest (income) is earned monthly and usually paid into your account on the first day of each month. You will also receive capital repayments from time to time, based on loans' contracted repayment dates (their due dates for repayment). Interest and repayments can be automatically reinvested (see below).

  • All 30DAA investments benefit from automatic inclusion in a separate, discretionary Provision Fund intended to help to protect investors from income delays or income and/or capital losses within the 30DAA.

    The Provision Fund that protects this account seeks to protect against any potential capital losses if, in the event of a loan default, the security taken on that loan does not cover the outstanding balance due on that loan. The Provision Fund is targeted to provide a coverage multiple of 3x the expected losses over the life of the loans within the account even in challenging economic conditions. The expected losses on the account (prior to any coverage by the Provision Fund) are calculated after applying extreme stress to the security taken to protect each loan and we have used the Bank of England 2016 Stress test assumptions to that security. The Bank of England Stress tests are designed to ensure UK Banks can withstand the worst expected future economic conditions and are a sound and prudent basis for this test. We then calculate a multiple of 3x those potential losses and that is the target for the Provision Fund funding. We also publish the current coverage ratio and that is also 3x as at 24/6/16. For more information on our default and loss performance data and more detail on our methods of analysis and risk management please see our Defaults and Losses statistics and explanation page.

    For more details, please see the main Provision Fund page.

  • At Assetz Capital, we take realisable asset security on all loans, with a view to protecting our clients' investments. Unlike lightly secured or unsecured lending, we don't just rely on personal guarantees. Instead, we take charges over property, equipment and other assets worth considerably more than the loan. This security and the above-mentioned Provision Fund help to minimise the potential for investor losses.

  • Investors can exit loans early via our Aftermarket, subject to demand from other investors at that time. Via this Aftermarket and at your request, the 30DAA will aim to sell part or all of your investment at any time, subject to continued demand for these loans from other investors.

    What's more, you have the ability to add to or reduce your investment in your 30DAA. After your initial purchase, if you would like to increase or decrease the amount invested, then you may do so, subject to availability and demand. When changing your investment level in your account, the 30DAA will aim to continue to automatically balance your loans, so as to maintain maximum diversification.

  • Via your Loan Dashboard, all of your Assetz Capital investments can be tracked, monitored and managed through our comprehensive and market-leading portal.

    In addition, you can invest directly in the underlying loans that the 30DAA invests in, subject to the availability of these loans in the Aftermarket, but without the protection of the Provision Fund. You can do this by using the Manual Loan Investments Account (MLIA) and directly selecting these individual investments. Without the protection of the Provision Fund, these manually selected loans may deliver higher or lower net returns after any losses than the 30DAA.

  • The 30DAA will be open for an undefined period. However, at some point, the Account Series may be closed for investment and, therefore, all capital and interest received back on loans within this Account will be repaid to your cash account or to another Account of your choice over time, as the underlying loans repay. If any material changes are required to these Terms, a new 30DAA Series may be issued in the future, but this would not affect your current investments in a previous Series.