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As with most forms of investment, peer-to-peer lending carries a degree of risk to your capital; in this case, if the borrower is unable to repay their loan. At Assetz Capital, we seek to reduce this risk to our investors by taking asset security on every loan, with the added benefit of a discretionary Provision Fund for some of our investment accounts. Investment Account target interest rates should be considered along with the relevant Investment Account expected defaults & losses information. Past performance does not guarantee future performance. We recommend that prospective lenders read the Key Investor Information pages before investing.


Welcome to Assetz Capital - the secured lending platform

Start earning gross rates of return between 3.75% - 10%+ p.a.*

* These are the rates of return currently available to investors on the Assetz Capital platform.


We thank you for choosing to open an investment account with Assetz Capital.

Joining is straightforward and you could be lending to UK based businesses within a matter of minutes.

Our 3-step registration process will take you through:

  • Step 1 - Getting Started
  • Step 2 - Tell Us About Yourself
  • Step 3 - ID Verification

Getting Started

Are you interested in our upcoming tax-free IFISA account?


The video above will show you how easy it is to register but should you encounter any issues please call our lender team on 020 7870 1023 who will happily talk you through the process and answer any queries you may have.

At Assetz Capital

  • Every loan is backed by asset security and vetted by time-served lending professionals.
  • Each of our automatic investment accounts are covered by a discretionary Provision Fund.
  • Our Quick Access Account offers fast access to your funds in normal market conditions, though access times cannot be guaranteed. There is no penalty for withdrawal.
  • We have a highly active aftermarket where you can sell your loan units on to free up your capital (subject to demand from other investors).
  • The minimum investment is just £1.
  • We don't charge any fees to our lenders.

Recent Trust Pilot Feedback

2nd April

Excellent P2P Platform

I'm very happy with the customer service and the financial returns from Assetz Capital. They do seem to work particularly hard to avoid the inevitable defaulted loans.

Ged M