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Does your ISA beat inflation?

There's a lot to consider when choosing an Individual Savings Account (ISA), but have you ever thought about whether your tax-free* returns are beating inflation? With the Bank of England base rate below 1% and inflation at 1.8%, it’s currently a close race this ISA season.

Inflation is a quiet threat to savings and investments. There's more money in ISAs than ever before, but if inflation is overtaking your rate of return then you aren't even maintaining the value of your money in real terms, never mind growing them.

Your ISA is in lane one. Inflation is in lane two. Who will win? Use our indicative ISA calculator to find out.

*The tax treatment of your investments can depend on your personal circumstances and this could change in the future.

Take the inflation challenge Download our free ISA guide

Take the inflation challenge

Use our indicative ISA calculator to project how much tax you can save when investing through your ISA allowance and see if your projected returns are beating inflation at the current rate.*

* The rate of inflation is accurate as of 19th February 2020

Indicative ISA calculator


The projections shown are for illustrative purposes only and do not represent any specific product or offering.

There are a number of different types of ISAs and it's important to consider the respective risks along with projected returns.

Our indicative ISA calculator will show your returns based on the information you provide as well as adjusting the value to take inflation into account, also known as "Real Terms".

Inflation is calculated at the current rate and could go up as well as down over time.

Our indicative ISA calculator does not take into account your Personal Savings Allowance. For more information click here.

The figures produced by this calculator are based on a number of assumptions, are illustrative only and should not be relied upon when making investment decisions. Assetz Capital does not accept any responsibility for the use (or mis-use) of this calculator.

The Assetz Capital IFISA

In 2016 the government introduced Innovative Finance ISAs (IFISAs), which allows you to protect your returns from tax when investing in peer-to-peer loans. IFISAs can sit alongside Cash ISAs and Stocks & Shares ISAs up to the current total of £20,000 each year.

All Assetz Capital investment accounts can be ISA wrapped, with target interest starting from 3.75% p.a.% p.a. You can also transfer in full or in part previous years ISAs, with no limit on the amount you can transfer.

Please remember that with all peer-to-peer investments your capital is at risk and is not protected by Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Total amount of tax-free investment you can make each year

Total amount currently invested in our Assetz Capital IFISA

Total number of Assetz Capital IFISAs opened

How it works

Every year, the Government lets you save £20,000 tax-free in ISAs. Innovative Finance ISAs can sit alongside Cash and Stocks and Shares ISAs but you only can have one of each kind of ISA, each year, up to the total value of £20,000.

Can anyone get an ISA?

You need to be a UK taxpayer, 18 or older, and have a National Insurance number.

How much can you invest?

You can invest as little as £1 in your ISA, up to £20,000 each tax year, and you can transfer in sums from ISAs relating to previous tax years. Remember, that £20,000 limit includes any ISA you have – not just the money you have with Assetz Capital.

How much interest will you make?

You’ll only earn interest on the cash you invest. How much you earn depends on what type of account you invest in.

Can you transfer in your other ISAs?

Yes, you can transfer in some or all of your previous years’ ISAs. You can also transfer in other ISAs from this year, but you have to transfer the full amount if you do.

What if you change your mind?

You can cancel your ISA up to 14 days after you open it. You can still open another ISA with us, if you change your mind again.

Who should I contact if I have a question about my ISA?