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Scalford Court Care Home

SME Term Loan

This family-run care home has been in business since 1980.

Set in rural Leicestershire with four acres of ground and enough rooms for up to 59 residents, Jeremy and Mavis believe in person-centred care in a homely environment; with extra wide corridors and good-sized rooms, each with profiling beds.


Amount Lent

11 Months

Loan Term



The SME term loan has given the company the extra time needed to find traditional re-financing with a mainstream bank, which had become an issue after a bank-financed expansion to provide nursing care was unsuccessful.

The injection of cash that we provided will also help to recruit new employees and retrain current staff which will allow Jeremy and his team to continue to offer a high level of service in the face of stiff competition.

“I found Assetz to be a breath of fresh air following some difficult and rather retentive attitudes which we experienced with the mainstream banking sector during the refinancing of our business. Assetz have designed a loan to suit our specific requirement which will enable us to distance ourselves from the previous banking regime and take our successful business forwards.”

- Jeremy Lord, Owner of the Scalford Court Care Home