Potterspury Equestrian Centre

Potterspury, Milton Keynes

When Alison and Clive Worker wanted to launch an equine centre in Potterspury, by Milton Keynes, they didn’t go to a bank.





The business planned to provide stables for rent and had a waiting list even before launch, meaning that these will be very quickly filled.

Husband and wife Clive and Alison Worker are managing the site with their daughter Lisa Worker. The facility will also provide care for horses that are recuperating; rider training and courses in horse husbandry, as well as collection; delivery and transportation of horses.

Potterspury Equestrian Centre
Potterspury Equestrian Centre


With the money, they’ve developed what was once a neglected site into a fully equipped equestrian centre to provide a comprehensive range of services, whilst creating up to ten new jobs for local people when the centre is running at full capacity.

The Workers have also installed a small shop, selling animal feed and horse bedding. There are currently plans to expand the shop and provide further amenities such as a craft store, horse rider coaching and an online order & delivery service for horse bedding.

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