Northern Vaporisers

Skipton, Yorkshire

When Northern Vaporisers wanted to expand their premises and take on more staff, they were unable to obtain a loan big enough for their needs from the banks.





The funds they received were used to move the business into a 7,000 square foot premises and to recruit an additional three staff members.

This allowed Northern Vaporisers to produce lighter, better value aluminium Vaporisers in-house, reducing the cost of production whilst maintaining quality, despite the increasing demand are now experiencing.

Northern Vaporisers
Northern Vaporisers


Their new aluminium model has replaced the previous heavier brass unit, leading to 85% of their vaporisers now being sold to foreign markets including several major customers in the US such as Vetamac, Jorgensen Vets and Hartland Medical.

To optimise this international success they had to expand their business quickly and found that Assetz Capital and our investors were able to offer the assistance they needed when more traditional finance routes were unavailable.

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