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Forth Homes Ltd

Development Finance

Forth Homes Ltd needed a £4m property loan, split into tranches, to fund the building of 22 homes including both detached and semi-detached properties, aimed at the starter and executive markets.

After our Relationship Director Mark Davidson visited the site and assessed the proposal, we offered them an 18 month loan. To secure this loan we took the first legal charge of the property, Mortgage Debenture, Personal Guarantees and a Corporate Guarantee.


Amount Lent

21 Months

Loan Term



With the loan drawn down and the construction underway, the borrowers plans to repay the loan with the sale of the 22 individual units.

“We found dealing with Assetz Capital a breeze. I would consider it to be very easy lending. We are looking to submit the proposals of the next development with Assetz Capital.”

- Peter Foxcroft, Director