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As with most forms of investment, peer-to-peer lending carries a degree of risk to your capital; in this case, if the borrower is unable to repay their loan. At Assetz Capital, we seek to reduce this risk to our investors by taking asset security on every loan, with the added benefit of a discretionary Provision Fund for some of our investment accounts. Investment Account target interest rates should be considered along with the relevant Investment Account expected defaults & losses information. Past performance does not guarantee future performance. We recommend that prospective lenders read the Key Investor Information pages before investing.

Flat Cap Developments Ltd

Nottingham and the East Midlands

With peer-to-peer funding through Assetz Capital returning borrower Tajinder Ubhi was able to bid for and convert street properties in the East Midlands.





This is the second time Tajinder Ubhi has used the Assetz Capital peer-to-peer lending platform to raise a £500k Hunting licence loan to bid for and convert Street Properties in the East Midlands to houses with multiple occupancy (HMOs).

Taj asked Assetz Capital to secure 100% funding to help him double his volumes from last year and this, being a second facility for an experienced borrower with a positive history both with Assetz Capital and in his local area, helped us meet the challenge to help him.

Flat Cap Developments Ltd
Flat Cap Developments Ltd


Our property lending team, comprised of highly experienced property bankers, were able to look at the particular dynamics of this type of transaction and structure facilities to meet the needs of Mr Ubhi.

Funding was guaranteed and made available in a "pot" and included the ability to finance 100% of all costs including the works costs, subject to that representing not more than 55% of the developed value. First charge security and a personal guarantee were required under the structure.

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