Chaysa Ltd

Redditch, Worcestershire

When Charles Lovell, accountant and sole Director of Chaysa Ltd needed extra funding to purchase a three-storey property in Redditch, he contacted Assetz Capital.





The loan was a commercial mortgage that was added to Mr Lovell’s own cash of £40k, plus debt due from a vendor of £76k to purchase the property.

Charles planned to re-finance the loan with a high street bank loan as soon as a new tenant was in place and the three- storey building was operating at a satisfactory level.

Prior to the funding, Charles had already converted the ground floor into a space suitable for two separate restaurants.

Chaysa Ltd
Chaysa Ltd


With long-term contracts signed for both of the restaurant spaces from large franchise restaurants and work on the two upper floors well on the way to becoming office space, we are happy to say that Charles paid back the loan, plus interest, to our lenders in under eight months.

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