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Spotlight on: Relationship Director Lucie Martin

Spotlight on: Relationship Director Lucie Martin
How long have you been with Assetz Capital and what is your role?


I have worked at Assetz Capital since November 2019. I am a Relationship Director and I provide Term and Developments loans to Borrowers across Scotland.


How did you get into business lending, and what made you become a Relationship Director? What’s the best thing about working in lending? 


I started out in lending after I finished University and joined the graduate programme at National Australia Bank. Being from Australia, my favourite thing about working in business lending in the UK is getting to know my adopted country and the people that make it so great. I am passionate about helping businesses grow and getting out and meeting people. I also love doing deals and delivering the best service that I can.

What does a normal day look like in your role?


It’s the diversity of my day that makes it such a great job. It’s a mix of talking to introducers and borrowers about how I can help them with their next loan, preparing credit submissions for approval, instructing lawyers and valuers, and guiding the whole process to ensure the Borrower gets the money that they need on loan completion.


What challenges have you faced during the lockdowns?


The biggest challenge for me has been not being able to meet up with people. We are lucky to have virtual technology that has really facilitated Assetz Capital to continue lending. However, it’s just not the same as being able to build relationships in person.


Let’s chat about the market, what changes have you seen in product desire from borrowers in the last 12 months?


I have seen more Commercial and Investment Mortgages as we pick up borrowers who have struggled recently in getting loans from traditional lenders who may be focussing on their existing customers. With residential developments currently taking longer to complete in large part due to the pandemic and Brexit, demand appears to have temporarily shifted in favour of term loans.


After the extended break in lending non-CBILS due to lockdown how does it feel that the market is now opening back up?


It feels like we are starting to get back to a semblance of normality now that CBILS has ended. It’s great to be able to offer loans from our retail platform again, enabling Assetz to support borrowers with development and term loans that don’t fit the eligibility criteria of the government schemes. With the market opening up, we are also able support borrowers in the leisure, hospitality and office sectors which is fundamental to our economic recovery. Being an authorised lender under the Recovery Loan Scheme gives us greater flexibility in our offering.


What’s your favourite thing about working for Assetz Capital?


The diversity of the job is very appealing, as is being an active participant in funding the economic recovery of the country. Assetz Capital, like many SMEs across the UK, has worked very hard to adapt to the pandemic while maintaining and even growing the business. I feel lucky to be a part of that.


What keeps you focused and motivated?


As a lender, I have always been driven by doing the best job I can for my customers… And I love beating my target!


What’s your favourite activity outside of work?


My passion is skiing. However, I think it will be a while before I will get to hit the slopes again…


What is the one thing you can’t live without?


My cats! I have two ginger Maine Coons, Angus and Doogi.

- August 24, 2021