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Assetz Capital P2P SIPP offering ready for pensions freedom day

April 2, 2015

Assetz Capital has launched its first SIPP offering, allowing investors to include P2P loans in their SIPP portfolio. 

The development of this offering gives a significant boost to P2P lenders, who are currently disproportionately affected by tax, which is paid on losses as well as gains. Within a SIPP, interest earned on P2P loans – typically 6.5 per cent p/a or greater (before any possible loan losses and taxes) on the Assetz Capital platform – should be tax free.

The move means that investors can take advantage of a P2P SIPP after pensions freedom day, on Monday 6 April 2015.

Investors who use Assetz Capital to invest in P2P loans within their SIPP enjoy several benefits:

Stuart Law, CEO of Assetz Capital, commented: “This development is part of P2P’s wider maturity. Increasing numbers of investors are incorporating P2P loans into their investment portfolio, and there are substantial tax advantages for doing so via SIPPs.”

Existing SIPP holders wanting to invest in Assetz Capital loans via their SIPP should visit Those interested in learning more about SIPPs may wish to visit for further information.


The offering has been launched in conjunction with SIPPclub.  SIPPclub helps existing SIPP holders, or those interested in SIPPs, to learn about the range of investment opportunities open to them with a view to maximising their potential returns.

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