Is peer-to-peer lending easy?

March 18, 2015

We’re often asked how long it takes to start lending through Assetz Capital. When registering for a bank account or applying for a bank loan, you are often asked to fill out endless amount of forms or provide every scrap of information about yourself, but thankfully peer-to-peer lending is relatively hassle free.

With our three stage process, getting started couldn’t be simpler:

1. Register

The first stage is to register – we’ve recently made this more straightforward and it shouldn’t take you more than five minutes:

As of March 2015, you can either manually choose companies to lend to or invest through the first of the Assetz Capital Investment Accounts, the Green Energy Income Account. This automatically spreads your money across a number of renewable energy projects and has a target rate of 7%.

2. Start to lend

Once you’re familiar with Assetz Capital, you can transfer money onto the platform from your bank account. The amount of time this process takes will depend on who you bank with, but it can take as little as two hours.

Now you’re re ready to choose which loans to invest in and begin entering your bids.

Once you’ve put bids in, you’re done.

3. Check in

All that remains is to check your investments periodically – some investors check their loans daily while some go months without taking a look, but if any loans have a significant change in status we’ll contact you directly, usually via email.

Much like any investment, there are risks involved in P2P lending and you should always take impartial advice if you’re unsure. However, rest assured that setting up an account and getting started is quick and simple.

If you’d like more information on becoming a borrower or lender with Assetz Capital, contact our team today.