Earn 1% cashback when you invest in our
90-Day Access Account

To celebrate our brand new 90-Day Access Account, we’re launching an exclusive 1% cashback offer. Qualifying is simple. Invest new funds into the 90-Day Access Account (90DAA) to qualify. What’s more your cashback will be paid in just 90 days. T&Cs apply.

Both new and existing customers are able to take advantage of this cashback offer, whilst receiving a fair return.

Investment in peer-to-peer loans is not protected by the Financial Services Compensation scheme and your capital is at risk.

What is the 90-Day Access Account?

The 90-Day Access Account gives you flexibility in normal market conditions while delivering a fair return on investment. It offers an introductory target, capped interest rate for investors of 5.75% p.a. gross. This rate varies, however our introductory rate is guaranteed not to change until at least 31st May 2019. After this date any rate changes will be announced at least 90 days in advance. Your money is automatically invested in secured business loans.

This is the account for those who want a shorter-term access in normal market conditions.

*Interest is quoted gross and is capped at the quoted rate although actual returns could be lower. Target interest rates should be considered along with the relevant investment account expected defaults and losses. Past performance does not guarantee future performance. Access times relate to withdrawals in normal market conditions but cannot be guaranteed.

How do I qualify?

Getting Started

We’ve made a note of your lent funds balance at 00:00am on 22nd February 2019. Any funds invested through the 90DAA (including the ~IFISA equivalent) above this amount are eligible for the 1% cashback. Remember, this promotion closes to new investment at 11:59:59pm on 5th April 2019.


There’s no maximum on the amount you can invest during this promotion. The more you invest the more you can earn. Once you’ve invested in the 90DAA make sure you don’t request a withdrawal of your funds before 23rd May 2019. If a withdrawal request is made before this date you won’t qualify for the cashback.

Get Your Cashback

Your cashback calculation will be made on 23rd May 2019. So, if your eligible funds have remained invested and no withdrawal requests have been made you will receive your payment a couple of days later. Remember, all cashback is paid directly into your standard cash account.

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